National Defense / Care Of Veterans / Intervention Avoidance


The United States must increase the scope and speed of the modernization of the military.  Although our ultimate goal is to avoid conflict through a show of force, we need to be prepared to execute military operations quickly and thoroughly should force be required to protect the interests of the United States and it allies.  The deployment of combat troops outside the United States should be reserved solely for the defense of the U.S., its citizens and its allies and only when absolutely necessary.  Allies and emerging democratic countries should be trained to defend themselves with our assistance, not defended by us.

Upon returning to civilian life after service to their country, United States military veterans should be eligible for the highest quality medical care delivered in a timely and efficient manner.  Should the Veterans Administration fail to make a medical appointment or provide a medical service to any veteran within 48 hours, that veteran should be able to go to any medical provider for that same service and have the bill forwarded to the VA.

The United States should strengthen its overall national security by reducing or eliminating foreign aid to any country or population that is publicly hostile to the United States?  Why should we support people who hate us?  How does that benefit the long term interest of the United States?  That money is better spent reducing the $20 trillion plus national debt.


The United States needs to use its research and development expertise to achieve energy independence and 100% renewable energy sourcing for all energy consumption by families, businesses and vehicles.  While we work to achieve that goal, we must work to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources through the exploration and production of energy resources here in the United States.  The Democrats, while in control of the United States Senate and the White House, have worked hand in hand with Washington DC special interests to prevent our use of America’s abundant clean coal, oil, and gas reserves.  They even block the safe delivery of less expensive domestic fuel sources by preventing the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.  We need to get beyond the political infighting and special interest protection agendas of the Washington DC career politicians to accommodate our short term energy policy goals while working toward our long term energy policy goals.

Tax Reform

The United States Tax Code needs to be less complex with a goal of making federal tax collection broader and flatter.  The elimination of contradictory rules and loopholes will not only make tax collection more fair, it will make it more efficient and allow for the reduction of the cost of running, staffing and monitoring the Internal Revenue Service.  We can lower federal tax rates for most Americans, reduce economic inequality by lowering barriers to entry in the marketplace (such as licensing and fees) and spur a new era of growth and prosperity for all Americans if we have the will to make these reforms.


The continual deficit spending of the United States government has led to a $20 Trillion plus debt. As the United States economy continues to grow, we must force our federal government to shrink in size and scope in order to match revenue to spending while paying down the immoral debt we have already accumulated. The end goal is to restrict our government to its core mission: to only do collectively for the states and citizens what they cannot do individually.

I would support H.R. 1848 — known as the “Penny Plan” — that would cut one-penny-out-of-every dollar spent by the federal government from year-to-year until we achieved the ultimate goal of an 18% of GDP budget cap (this is roughly the average federal revenue as a percentage of GDP over the past 30 years).

Poverty and Welfare

The best way to help the working and non-working poor in Nevada and throughout the United States is to create a vibrant economy and an effective education system that emphasizes individual freedoms and individual responsibilities equally.   Our educational institutions should be required to focus on the basis for our national pride, gratitude for our natural bounty, and an appreciation for the basic principles established by the founding fathers.

Too often we define helping the poor as creating federal and state programs that don’t work or are counterproductive rather than focus on programs that help people help themselves out of poverty. Ultra-liberal career politicians have focused on establishing a permanent welfare assistance lifestyle which provides incentive for many unmotivated individuals to remain in poverty.  That is the wrong approach. It can create a permanent underclass of United States Citizens who help hold our nation back while fully capable of helping move our nation forward.

Only through growth oriented policies on economic development, job creation and fair taxation will businesses begin, return, or remain in the United States; thereby, allowing Nevada and the United States to grow within a stable national economy.


I am against Common Core and have heard enough feedback from parents and teachers who oppose it.

The proper education of every child is crucial to our competitiveness as a nation and for each child in reaching their highest competency levels for being a valuable and productive citizen of the United States.  We simply cannot compete in the global economy when our children aren’t getting the education they need and deserve. Competition is in human nature and is good for a child’s personal growth.

It is a disservice to our children to have the Federal Government involved in our state education systems. Education is best left to each individual state to protect our freedoms and the rising generation from corrupt centralized agendas. I also believe school choice will ultimately lead to a better selection of motivated administrators and teachers, better academic programming, and increased allocation of funds for art, music, and sports programs.

Second Amendment Self-Protection Rights

I am also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Our Founders believed that citizens of the United States have an absolute right to defend themselves and their families and to keep and bear arms. I reject liberal “solutions” to crime that infringe upon that right. We have extensive gun laws on the books and crime is greatest in some of the areas where laws are most restrictive. We need to enforce reasonable gun safety regulations, overturn unreasonable gun possession laws, and focus on addressing the root causes of crime and the use of firearms by criminals.

I am a strict constitutionalist who believes in the greatest possible freedom for all citizens in all areas of our lives, including protection against privacy invasion by the federal government in the daily activities of American families. I believe the National Security Agency needs to focus on external threats to the United States instead of intense and invasive monitoring of American citizens.

IRS Targeting Americans

I will propose the reform of the IRS to insulate tax collectors from political pressure by United States Senators and administration officials who have used the IRS and its investigative, revenue collection and subpoena powers to harass and silence their political opponents.  The power of government to directly and indirectly confiscate the wealth and suppress the speech of those who dared challenge an unfair tax system was what sparked a revolution in 1776.  The Democrat power brokers who abuse the tax collection system to assist in their political preservation not only violate the Constitution but undermine the entire democratic process.


We must first secure our borders. Then we must allow migrant agriculture and hospitality workers to come through a streamlined immigration system with strict protocols: security check, disease check, documentation.  This will keep our economy moving, employers competitive, and increase our tax revenue.  I believe applications for citizenship (just the applications) should only be granted to those temporary foreign workers who pass an American English competency test and pass an online U.S. history course that will provide them with the background for the freedoms they seek to enjoy.

We need to stop providing benefits to non-citizens. If a child is a citizen but the parents are here illegally, then the parents should be required to undergo the same streamlined immigration system with strict protocols: security check, disease check, documentation.  The cost of initiating the temporary worker visa application process should be $1,000 per person.

For future legal immigrants, we should implement and streamline limited legal immigration from around the world in a way that makes the United States stronger and more economically vibrant.



Encourage a culture of life and adoption, and educate citizens of the United States about the “consistent pro-life ethic,” which also means abolishing the death penalty. My religious beliefs, conscience, and secular findings guide me in acting to protect innocent life.  I am pro-life and am heartened that slowly but surely citizens of the United States are coming back to value the pro-life position. While I oppose abortions with the exception of rape and circumstances where the mothers life is in jeopardy, I fully understand why most Americans believe abortions ought to include reasonable restrictions, such as parental notification and a ban on late-term abortions.




My religious beliefs, conscience, and secular findings guide me in defining marriage as between one man and one woman for the overall welfare of society. I also believe that such definitions should be made by states, not the federal government.

Health Freedom

I believe we should overturn the PPACA Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare).  Insurance competition should be made nationwide for the best possible pricing for individuals and businesses, with regulations to be decided by each state.

Reforming Entitlements

The Social Security system should be protected and fully funded for all current enrollees.

For future generations of American workers who lack confidence in the Federal government to manage the Social Security pension system, I will work within Congress to establish an 401k program by 2020 that allows new workers to opt into before their 21st birthday as an alternative to the current Social Security program.  Workers should have a choice on whether they control and protect their pensions as opposed to trusting Washington DC insiders and bureacrats with protecting a lifetime of savings they need to rely on in their old age.